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TrustedID acquired Catalog Choice in May 2012. Catalog Choice launched the free online mail preference service in 2007 and saw immediate and enthusiastic adoption from individuals looking for an easy way to reduce unwanted mail. Since then, TrustedID Mail Preference Service has grown to serve more than a million people, thousands of companies who honor consumer choice, and an expanding number of communities looking for effective zero-waste solutions.

The TrustedID choice platform now includes privacy solutions for consumers looking for ways to protect and control their private information.

Who We Are

TrustedID Mail Preference Service is a core component of the nation's most comprehensive suite of identity protection, privacy and mail preference services offered by TrustedID. To learn more about TrustedID please visit us at www.trustedid.com.

The Foundation

TrustedID funds a foundation that provides grants to support our mission to help people reduce unwanted mail and save natural resources.

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