Firefox Only

MailStop Browser

Choose to opt out and keep your name and address private when you shop online. Install our free MailStop Browser extension for Firefox versions 13 and up.

Choice and control over your information should be yours. Prevent companies from sharing your name and address with MailStop Browser. It allows you to opt out in real-time, as you shop online - helping you protect your privacy and keep unwanted mail out of your mailbox.

When you buy something online, you expect to make the purchase - and that's it. Unfortunately, once your information is captured, many companies sell it without your permission. MailStop Browser is the only online name and address opt-out service available, allowing you to choose how companies use your information at the point of purchase.

How MailStop Browser works:

Simply install the MailStop Browser, and log in. You can start opting out right away by entering your name and address into the opt-out window and submitting your request.